Can't search in audio & video? Sure you can!

We distill these media and help you to get the most out of it.

Media Distillery captures and analyses radio and television streams in real-time to let you know what’s happening as soon as it happens.

Focus. Focus. Focus. We focus on three domains.

Although our technology has unlimited possibilities, we have to focus our minds. The domains we target are Media Monitoring, RTV Applications and Targeted Video Advertising.

Media Monitoring - Impact
Media Monitoring
Billions of people watch TV and listen to the radio every day. The impact of these media are huge and cannot be ignored by a company monitoring its media coverage. Media Distillery lets you monitor your brand(s), reputation and presence on radio and television and is an important tool for crisis management, competitor analysis and campaign analytics.
RTV Apps
We know exactly what audio and video content is about. Therefore we can help you build apps that your customers will like. Media Distillery lets your users find the content they are looking for or which they didn't even know existed. Knowing what content is about enables you to provide better content recommendations and send real-time notifications, engaging your customers to your Apps.
Targeted Video Advertising
Targeted Video Advertising
Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms are common practice in online advertising these days. Supply and demand are matched in the blink of an eye, making Ads more relevant to users resulting in higher click through rates. With video advertising becoming increasingly important, RTB platforms brokering video Ads are the next big thing. Media Distillery helps you to further increase click through rates by making Ads even more relevant.


Media Distillery takes part in the incubator program of YES!Delft, one of the top incubators in the world.

YES!Delft is linked to Delft University of Technology and the Dutch scientific research institute TNO.

Our Team

Media Distillery has a strong team with a combination of entrepreneurship, experience and in-depth expertise.

Roland Sars
Roland Sars, CEO
Roland is a genuine entrepreneur; born with a truly commercial instinct and vision on business growth. He founded BackupAgent and sold the company in 2014. At Media Distillery he concentrates on sales, marketing, strategy and growth of the company.
Joost de Wit
Joost de Wit, Founder & CPO
Joost has a strong background in big data / media mining and worked as an applied researcher at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). At Media Distillery he is responsible for the distillation process.
Geert Vos
Geert Vos, Founder & CTO
As back-end architect at eBuddy Geert gained a lot of experience with very large, scalable and robust software platforms servicing millions of users. At Media Distillery he makes sure our platform is every bit as scalable and reliable.